Chamber Helps the Gov't to Develop New SME Strategy

2019. május 17.

Chamber Press / MTI Econws / bbj.hu

The HCCI actively helps the governmentʼs to develop a new support strategy for SMEs. To this end, between April 5 and May 9 the Chamber and the Ministry for Technology and Innovation (MTI) organised 19 forums across the county, involving around 1,000 SMEs to gather input for the Ministry's strategic framework lasting until 2030.

The governmentʼs support strategy for SMEs is being developed after extensive social consultations, said state secretary for economic strategy and regulation László György at a press conference on Thursday, The main aim of the plan is to establish a strong, domestic-owned entrepreneurial field in Hungary, he added. György said the government is providing HUF 167.5 billion of support to SMEs this year, HUF 90.84 bln of non-repayable grants and HUF 76.7 bln of repayable loans. HCCI President László Parragh warned that digitalisation and robotisation pose enormous challenges for SMEs. Mr. Parragh urged the government to help SMEs increase productivity, implement generational renewal and expand export markets - all in order to enable them to cope with the possibility of a slow-down in the world's economy.