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Europe’s ‘Unicorns’ Awarded Thousands of Euros to Boost Innovation

October 19. 2017.

EurActive / By Paola Tamma

Europe’s most innovative start-ups include a belt that tells you where to go, lego-like modular solar panels and smart chemicals that give wood a second life. But ‘unicorn’ companies are a rare species in Europe: EURACTIV went to Budapest to learn what the EU does to breed more of them. More...

Hungarian Bravado in Savings: Not Toeing the CEE Line

October 18. 2017.

In the Central and Eastern European region, Hungarians are the least satisfied with the amount of their savings and they are the most helpless as well: Hungarians have rearranged their savings the least as a low interest environment prevailed. More...

Construction of Bridge Connecting Slovakia and Hungary Launched

October 18. 2017.

The Slovak Spectator

On October 17, Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico and his Hungarian counterpart Viktor Orbán ceremonially launched the construction of a cross-border bridge between Slovakia and Hungary over the Danube River, set to link the towns of Komárom on the Hungarian side and Komárno (in the Nitra Region, in the southwestern part of the country) in Slovakia. More...

Hungary Eases Pressure on International Universities in Soros Row

October 17. 2017.


Hungary has extended a deadline for a U.S.-accredited Budapest university founded by George Soros, philanthropist financier and prominent critic of Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s government, to comply with a new education law or face closure. More...

Hungary to Get World Bank Support on Labor Shortages

October 16. 2017.

Confronted with major labor shortages, the Hungarian government is continuously looking for new solutions. The latest is an agreement on technical support signed with the World Bank Saturday by Minister for National Economy Mihály Varga. More...

Ericsson and Magyar Telekom demonstrate First 5G Link in Hungary

October 19. 2017.


Ericsson and Magyar Telekom are preparing for a 5G future with a joint demonstration of 5G New Radio. The first implementation of its kind in Hungary achieved download speeds of 22 Gbps. More...

Worldʼs Largest Rail Brake Factory Inaugurated in Budapest

October 18. 2017.

German-owned brake maker Knorr-Bremse Rail Systems Budapest inaugurated a HUF 5.28 billion expansion at its base in Budapest on Tuesday, state news wire MTI reported. More...


October 17. 2017.

Central Statistical Office

The volume of construction output was 36.8% higher in August 2017 than the low base a year earlier. Output increased in both the construction of buildings and civil engineering works. Details...

NGO Suing Hungarian Gov’t for Libel over Controversial ‘Survey’ on the “Soros Plan”

October 17. 2017.

Hungary Today

The Hungarian Helsinki Committee, an NGO watchdog, is suing the government for libel and calling for the rollback of the  national consultation survey on the “Soros Plan.” The ‘national consultation’ itself, which is being promoted through a widespread state billboard and television campaign under the aegis of “Government Information”, claims a so-called “Soros plan” exists, and calls on Hungarians to express their opinions on it. More...

Many EU States Pursue Hypocritical Policy Toward Russia - Hungarian FM

October 13. 2017.


Many EU states pursue a hypocritical policy toward Russia by supporting anti-Moscow sanctions while actively promoting trade and economic cooperation with the country, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said in an interview with Italy's Il Sole 24 Ore newspaper on Friday. More...