HCCI’s Action Plan to Propel Hungary into the Digital Age

At a recent session of the National Competitiveness Council HCCI’s president Dr. László Parragh submitted a 15-point action plan which aims to increase Hungary’s involvement in the current wave of technological changes and to spread the application of artificial intelligence across the industry. The plan includes actions to develop the technical environment for digitalisation as well as the creation of an increasingly effective educational system.

Among the most urgent tasks the Plan refers to the determination of specific sectoral development strategies and the facilitation of the transfer of new digital technologies (eg. internet-of-things, blockchain, big data). The Chamber calls for new, innovative  financing methods, such as the launching of a state loan credit facility for digital projects.  

In  education, resources should be focussed on the introduction of advance curricula in vocational training, adult education and higher education including both a thorough theoretical knowledge and diverse practical skills in digitalisation. SMEs and micro-enterprises should also be involved in the programmes.

Mr. Parragh said he is convinced that the widespread application of artificial intelligence in industry may result in a breakthrough in Hungary's catching up process and lead to Hungary becoming one of the digitally most developed nations of Europe.


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