Chamber Delegates Hold Annual General Assembly

2019. május 30.

Chamber Press


The HCCI held its 38th General Assembly on 29 May. In his opening address HCCI President László Parragh submitted a work paper „Above 4%: conditions of sustainable growth – Arguments for a new economic strategy”. Mr Parragh underlined that the fundamental aim is to achieve a 4% GDP growth annually. The Chamber must remain instrumental to collect and compile opinions of the business circles and to relay these to the government, Mr. Parragh said. „ To accelerate Hungary’s catching up process, the economic growth must exceed the EU’s average at least by 2 per cent. At the same time sustainability must be maintained on the long run.”, he said. Key elements of the new economic strategy will be the proper handling of the wage competition and the wage increase. The ratio of wages within the companies’ overall expenses should also be considered and, in this context, the possibilities of relieving tax burdens  explored. Mr. Parragh also spoke about further reforms in the vocational training system. „The Chamber represents the whole business sector, and therefore its position, also in this regard, must be decisive.“