IEER Monthly Economic Bulletin - 2019 April

2019. május 14.

Institute for Economic and Enterprise Research

In October, 2018 thousands of Hungarian company executives were asked about how their company uses various fringe benefits to attract quality staff, increase employee loyalty and boost overall. efficiency. The survey showed that about 80% of the responding companies offered their employees at least one type of fringe benefit in 2018, out+ of which, the two most popular were season tickets for local public transport and "Erzsébet" gift vouchers, which can be used within Hungary in hotels, restaurant, healthcare, leasure and sporting facilities, etc. Further details and data analyses in the first part of the Bulletin. The second part deals with the sensitive issue: how businesses active in Hungary may be affected by automation. The data used for this analysis were taken from the survey titled "Short term labour market forecast", conducted by IEER in 2018, when about 6800 companies were asked about the implementation of innovative and automation technologies. Read the Bulletin in full here

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