CMO: Inoculation of Healthcare Workers Nearly Complete

2021. január 28.

About Hungary

Chief Medical Officer Cecília Müller said the campaign to inoculate healthcare workers against the coronavirus has almost been completed, while vaccinations have started in 80 of Hungary's 1,900 social care facilities too. So far, Hungary has received enough of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines to inoculate 165,000 people, and 149,676 have received the jab. Of those, 12,639 have been fully inoculated, Cecília Those numbers are “way too low” for any restrictions to be eased, she said, and called on healthcare workers who have not yet asked for the jab to come forward. The CMO said a total of 12,113 people have died of complications of the coronavirus since March. Four percent of them had no known underlying conditions. The issue is further complicated by the emerging new variants of the virus, Müller said.


Photo credit: koronavirus.gov.hu