HCCI Joins Chamber of Agriculture in Fight against Cuts in EU Subsidies

2019. április 17.

HCCI Press

Three major NGOs, the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (HCCI), the National Chamber of Agriculture (NAK) and the Federation of Farmers' Communities and Co-operatives (MAGOSZ) have launched a joint operation to collect petition signatures against the planned cuts in EU subsidies. At a press conference held in Budapest on Tuesday,  NAK President Balázs Győrffy said that subsidies under CAP may be cut in order to transfer funds to cover the increasing costs of migration. HCCI President Dr. László Parragh warned of the dangers of such cuts. "If overall EU spending on the agrarian sector is reduced, it would harm not only farmers and related industries but, indirectly, the entire Hungarian society, other emerging economies and in particular those that are agriculture-orintetated due to their geographical conditions", Mr. Parragh said.