Hungarian Employees Among the Least Willing to Get Vaccinated

2021. május 05.

Daily News Hungary

Over 40% of Hungarians who were polled said that they would not get vaccinated even if it was required for work. As napi.hu reports, based on the findings of the newest Randstad Workmonitor survey, among the 34 nations within its scope, Hungarian workers were the 3rd least willing to get inoculated. 59% of respondents said that they would get the vaccine if it was necessary for work, far below the global average of 75%. The two nations where even lower figures were registered are Switzerland and France, with 56% and 57% of those polled saying that they would sign-up for the jab for employment reasons, respectively. Employees in China, India and Brazil seem to be the most motivated to get the vaccine, as over 90% of them said that they were willing to do so.