IEER Monthly Bulletin of Economic Trends - October 2020

2020. november 13.

Factors motivating Southern Transdanubian students' secondary education plans and career choices

In this analysis, we are examining the school choice motivations of 8th grade Southern Transdanubian students and the factors influencing their decisions. Optimal directions of further education are identified in this analysis with the school type students will first send their applications to (grammar school, technical school – the name of earlier was vocational grammar school –, vocational training school – the name of earlier was secondary vocational school), so we shall mainly focus on the differences originating from choosing one of the school types above, however, respondents' primary school results, attitudes and plans will also be mentioned. The analysis is based on the survey conducted by HCIC IEER. The questionnaires were filled in by respondents between 26 February and 13 March 2020 (n=313, due to the pandemic the survey period was shorter than planned).

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