Parragh: Burdens of the Crisis Must Be Shared

2020. május 06.

Chamber Press

In a recent interview with the independent Klubradio, HCCI President László Parragh said that economic burdens caused by COVID-19 must be shared between the government, the employers, and, to a certain extent, employees, as well. The government can offer grants and various other support schemes but "no one should wait for things to fall on him from heaven".
In answer to the reporter’s question: what kind of state intervention would be necessary so that the maximum number of businesses could get through the crisis, Parragh repeated that burdens must be shared. While the government and the employers have strong representation in the forthcoming „arm wrestling”, the employees do not have proper representation. There are, of course, trade unions, but most of them do not have real power or influence.
„Currently, we are experiencing an adjustment period after an earlier period of panic. Now each business player tries to cope with the current situation”, explained Mr. Parragh. Many businesses are in serious trouble but there is a certain „survival instinct” in the business community palpable already in many sectors. The government’s ambitious job-saving program including various credit and tax relieves may serve as an emergency life-saving intervention but, companies must also do whatever they can to ensure survival in the long run.