Parragh: Digital Economy Should be Better Protected

2019. október 18.

Chamber Press

The HCCI President said this at INFOTÉR, a major conference of the ITC sector held in Balatonfüred on Friday. In his talk Mr. Parragh underlined that the Chamber considers supporting the digital transformation of the Hungarian economy a major task. „It is equally important”, he added, „that we also address the hazards of the digital technology."

„Data and information security has become one of the hottest issues in the whole world” – said Mr. Parragh. „Without secure network services the digital economy cannot function and public administration services may also suffer severe disruptions” Parragh added. The number of cyber attcks, computer viruses and internet crimes is on the increase: in fact there is a cyber war going on between the great powers. Huge profits are earned in the cíber space – often via illegal activities, he said.

Mr. Parragh also spoke about the EU’s new data protection rules.  „There is some anxiety among Hungarian SMEs about that they would not be able to fully comply with some of the new rules requiring special computer skills and knowledge.”

Mr. Parragh stressed that while security gaps may directly lead to financial losses, additional costs of system and data restoration, as well as non-material damages caused by reputational and confidence losses may also seriously erode a company’s profitability. 

„The HCCI proposed that the government should launch an IT security project to provide appropriate cyber protection for SMEs country-wide", Mr. Parragh concluded.