Single Market Emergency Instrument: Chambers Ask for Rebalancing of Priorities and More Legal Certainty

2022. szeptember 22.


Press Release

While supporting the broad objectives of today’s European Commission proposal for a Regulation for a Single Market Emergency Instrument, Eurochambres warns against overshooting and thus call for greater clarity.

One of the key lessons of the Covid-19 crisis is that the EU needs a better toolbox to mitigate the negative effects of unforeseen crises, but Eurochambres CEO, Ben Butters, underlined that this needs to be ensured in a proportionate and appropriate manner. “Today’s proposal is an effort to achieve greater resilience but goes beyond what is needed and risks creating legal uncertainty. In particular, the activation criteria triggering new powers for the Commission are too broadly defined. We therefore call upon the co-legislators to introduce more precise wording.”

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