Tender to Support Companies Purchasing Electric Vehicles Launched

2024. február 06.


As of today, companies can apply for subsidies for the purchase of electric vehicles, the Ministry of Energy has announced. Domestic companies can apply for non-refundable state subsidies for the purchase of pure electric cars, vans or minibuses from the HUF 30 billion (EUR 77.7 million / 1 EUR=386 HUF) budget of the tender.

The program, encouraging the use of green energy, can provide between HUF 2.8 million and HUF 4 million for the purchase of a vehicle, depending on the battery capacity, and up to HUF 64 million for a single company. Applications for support can be submitted from 5 p.m. on February 5, 2024, but the online platform is already open, with almost 1,000 people having started filling in the first 24 hours.


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