The Chamber Recommends Release Of Shop Lockdown

2021. március 23.

Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry


The chamber recommends release of shop lockdown

Both in the spring period and in the second and current third waves, the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry pays great attention to identifying the economic difficulties caused by the coronavirus and to collecting entrepreneurial comments and suggestions. The areas identified and possible actions were continuously shared with those responsible for regulations.

The restrictive measures currently in force are difficult to interpret on the basis of business feedbacks and distort competition for SMEs. For this reason, we recommend that if the combined population of infected and already vaccinated adults reaches 25% of the adult population, it is worth considering the gradual release of the shop lockdown, so that Hungarian businesses do not suffer more damage and a wave of mass bankruptcies does not start.

In addition, we consider that if further epidemiological measures are required, then, instead of closing the shop by activity, the number of people entering the business premises should be limited and the number of persons staying in the area of ​​the business premises per unit should be determined. This proposal is also supported by commercial advocacy bodies, as this type of restriction is much more manageable by businesses and easier for the authorities to control.

20 March, 2021