HCCI Proposed The Restart Of The Commercial And Service Sector As Soon As Possible

2021. március 26.

Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry


The Chamber proposed the restart of the commercial and service sector as soon as possible

The Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry held consultations with the Prime Minister today in order to restart the trade and service sector as soon as possible. HCCI is fully committed to the protection of human life, accompanied by the need for a well-structured economic relaunch plan which includes faster, targeted and highly responsible opening of stores and services. This proposal of the HCCI is in line with the practice and measures of all European Union member states.

In the case of retail stores, HCCI recommends a so-called reopen on a square meter basis in the said sector as follows:

  • In the case of retail space, only one customer per 5-10 square meters can be in the stores. For stores larger than 100 square feet, you can get 15 or 20 square feet per person.
  • In the case of shopping malls and plazas, it is necessary to develop specific regulations, given that their operation differs from individual store types. Compliance with the square meter restrictions should also apply to these stores. In addition, for those staying / waiting in common areas of shopping malls open to the movement of customers we recommend compliance with the current distance regulations, which must be checked by the operator.
  • In order to comply with hygiene regulations, hand disinfection must be carried out in a controlled manner after entering shops and service places.

For the service sector with physical contact (e.g. hairdresser, beautician, shoe repairer, clothes cleaner, seamstress, etc.) when the service is provided in a business premises, we recommend the application of square meter-based regulation, similar to trade, combined with the epidemiological requirements specifically to be complied with - e.g. distance between clients, limitation of the number of clients, disinfection after clients, use of protection devices to prevent the spread of the virus, etc., which, if fully complied with, can only be opened.

We recommend that people with an immunity card have greater access to services, even so that people with an immunity card can use hospitality and tourism services.

However, in addition to the above, HCCI does not recommend maintaining an in-store residence time band for individual customers.

23 March, 2021