HCCI Strongly Supports the Mitigation of the Economic Effects of the Epidemic

2021. március 01.

Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry


The Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (HCCI) strongly supports the mitigation of the economic effects of the coronavirus epidemic and its treatment with targeted means. The Interest-Free Restart Quick Loan is a huge help for businesses, as it provides the smallest sectors most vulnerable to the effects of the crisis with an opportunity to survive, dr. László Parragh, President of HCCI said.

According to the Government's decision, the Hungarian Development Bank (MFB) will launch a new loan program for companies operating in the sectors most affected by the pandemic. We agree with the government's aspiration that in the first phase of the loan program the most deprived, the most affected by the economic effects of the epidemic, such as businesses in the fields of tourism, hospitality, culture and sports should be able to find a quick and affordable financing solution, the President of HCCI emphasized.

The loan, which can be applied for in the first round with a budget of HUF 100 billion and zero interest, covers 25 areas of activity, however, we believe that a much wider layer of businesses needs this construction, that is, even those who have not stopped completely, but the epidemic caused serious disruptions in their day-to-day operations and thus a significant loss of revenue. We consider it necessary to make another HUF 100 billion available in the second round for the affected sectors, for which we also recommend expanding the circle of intermediaries, the President said.