The Protected Population Is Restarting The Economy

2021. április 08.

Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry


The protected population is restarting the economy

During the coronavirus epidemic that has lasted for more than a year, the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has paid great attention to identifying economic difficulties, collecting entrepreneurial comments and suggestions, and will continue to do so in the future. The areas identified and possible actions have been and will continue to be shared with those responsible for regulation.

The Government has listened to our proposal of 20 March, and the restrictive measures currently in force, which in many cases distort competition for SMEs, will be lifted. The condition for this is that a quarter of the population, ie 2.5 million of our compatriots, will receive their first vaccination. We also agree with the Government’s intention that full vaccination of people over the age of 65 is necessary to be safe for the most sensitive to the virus.

Based on the entrepreneurial feedbacks of the last week, the next step is to suggest that, once we have reached the desired numbers, the already protected population can live their lives without restrictions but in a controlled way and return to the real economy.

In this way, those in the economy who have been forced to suspend their activities so far, such as tourism and hospitality, would also have the opportunity to restart by being able to use these services by citizens who can prove their protection.

To check the protection status, we recommend the introduction of an application that can seamlessly check the protection of the affected person against the coronavirus anywhere and anytime.